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$ 400.00 - $ 600.00
The Djembe drum is a native drum from West Africa. For this I import raw drum shells from West Africa and hand finish them in my shop. The shells are exotic native woods. I then install a goatskin head on the drum with a three ring system.

The extra ring lends strength, and also makes it possible to let the hair show on the outside of the drum along with a decorative top ring and the ropework. The drums are then strung in the traditional fashion using a strong non-stretch rope such as accessory, or rock climbing cord.

DJEMBE (Imported)
+ Large - 14 inch - $ 235.00
+ Medium - 12 inch - $185.00
+ Small - 10 inch - $150.00
These drums are imported from Pakistan and are strung in traditional fashion. They are not hand carved as are the ones above but are assembled from two separate pieces of Rosewood bonded together to form the traditional Djembe shape. These drums use a two ring top system and are strung in the traditional fashion.

$ 135.00 - $ 300.00 (Depending on size)
These are a West African drum whose name means Freedom They are of a conical shape and are constructed of a series of slats bonded together to form the shell.
The head material will vary from goat to deer or elk depending on the players preference. Goat having a high pitch sound, deer and elk a more mellow tone.
These are available in different woods some of which are cypress, rosewood, pine, cedar, and poplar. The top of the line Ashikos are hand crafted in my shop. The less expensive ones are imported from Pakistan.

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